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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Visual Aids for Learning

Hi Everyone,
I have loads of visual and interactive sites linked to my blogs because it is the best way to engage and motivate my students to learn. I present my blogs using visual cues too, because it makes it easier for my students and their parents, to locate what they need and figure out how to use the blog. The Visual Aids for Learning free download is a tool that I have been using in my classroom for a number of years in both mainstream and Special Ed classrooms, and it is a tool that I have recommended to many parents to use at home ( with great success). They print out beautifully and come in a range of sizes and applications.If you are unable to afford the more expensive tools such as PECS or Board Maker it is a great starting point. The site is in my Special Education and Autism Resource Links.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for this great resource. I am a third grade teacher in a public elementary school and I am always in need of exactly these tools. Sometimes I don't want to overburden our special ed staff when their plates are full.


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