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Sunday, May 31, 2009


Hi Everyone,

I discovered Softschools.com this week while looking for some subtraction worksheets for my class. It's another one of those sites that you can spend hours looking at so be warned. It has lots of online learning activities and printables for kids from Pre K to Middle Years and covers the main learning domains. Well worth a look :)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Self Registration on the Interactive Whiteboard - Bev Evans

Hi Everyone,
Have you visited Communication 4 All yet? If you are an Early years or Primary teacher Bev Evans' site will keep you downloading for hours. Today I had a close look at the self registration interactive white board resources in the Early Years section. Name a child who wouldn't love to register their presence by shooting a rocket across an interactive white board first thing in the morning! There are registration programs on all sorts of themes like: balloons, flowers , fish pirates, animals and the seasons- just to name a few!
If you do visit, have a good look around the site because Bev is adding new material all the time.


Hi Everyone,

I was visiting Paul 's blog Free Resources on the Net for Special Education yesterday. I explored a site that he had recommended called Kidsnumbers.com. It is a maths site that uses great visuals to give kids practise and teaching in the area of the 4 operations. it even has a selection of songs to go with each topic area. I haven't had a chance to explore all of the site which includes other key learning areas yet but I will be using the multiplication games in my classroom on Monday. Thanks for the tip Paul. Click on the links or on the picture to explore both sites yourself.

Change Maker - Interactive Money Program

Hi Everyone,
Here is another great interactive program for your maths sessions on money. The Change Maker program is part of the Funbrain site. It helps students learn how to make change. Choose your currency by clicking on a flag. It would be fun to see how to make up change in another country too!

Click here or on the picture to get started!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Pics for PECS and Visual Aids for Learning

Hi Everyone,
The most commonly asked question from visitors to my classroom is,
Where did you get your visual aids from?'
I use Pics for PECS, which is a $50 computer disc that can be used on both Word and Apple systems and free downloads from Visual Aids for Learning.
Although our school has access to 'Board Maker, which is a brilliant but much more expensive visual aid program , I find that Pics for PECS has been a useful and complete source of images for my schedule board and for students using picture exchange as their major form of communication.
Mainstream teachers tend to find the Pics for PECS and Visual Aids for Learning images are more 'mainstream friendly'.
Visual images are not just for the Early Years classroom. These images and suitable for visual learners and students with a range of learning challenges throughout the Primary years.
Visual Aids for Learning, provides loads of free down loadable images which print beautifully. I use the emotions and behavior cards in my class every day.
These are both great resources if you are just starting out in working with a child with special needs in your classroom. Click on the images to find out more about these products.

Universal Design for Learning

A is for Autism F is for Friend - Video