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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Autism Help - Autism Information

Hi Everyone,
If you have a new diagnosis of Autism and you looking for a website that will provide you with easy to read information, that is simple to navigate through, Autism Help is the site for you.
Autism Help covers all the information , that you will need to understand both the strengths and impacts of an autism diagnosis, from pre-school through to the tertiary years.
I wish you well on your journey.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Science Bob - Science experiments for kids

Hi Everyone,
I had a great time working with the junior classes, at Belvoir Special school today. The highlight was making a home made lava lamp, during the science lesson. Joanne, their amazing classroom teacher, found the lesson plan on the Science Bob website. What a sensational find! It is full of simple and highly engaging science experiments and multimedia presentations, suitable for primary aged kids, in both special education and inclusive classrooms. I will definitely be adding this site to my science links.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

What is Communication Shutdown ?

Social communication is one of the biggest challenges for people with autism. Shutdown Facebook or Twitter on Nov 1 to have some idea of what it's like.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Safe 4 Kids - Protective Behaviours Resources

Hi Everyone,
I have been on a web quest all year, trying to get my hands on the 'Sing Yourself Safe' CD. I posted a plea for help to locate the CD, earlier in the year, and it was read by the owner of Safe 4 Kids , Holly -ann Martin, during the week.
Hooray ! Not only is that quest now over but I have also found a terrific range of other resources, to support my protective behaviours program in mainstream and special education settings.
Visit the Safe 4 Kids website to check them out for yourself.
Thanks so much for getting in contact, Holly-ann. : - )

Saturday, October 2, 2010

White noise Improves memory in children with attention disorders

Hi Everyone,
I have just read an interesting article, on the Pediastaff blog, about studies at Stockholm University in Sweden, indicating that white noise can have a significant impact on concentration and on task behaviours, for some people with attentional disorders and difficulties like ADHD.
The studies also showed, that white noise was extremely distracting for people who do not usually have any trouble concentrating. So, the quest for this morning was scour the Internet to find some iProduct applications, that kids could use in class, on their iTouch, iPad or iPhone, via the App shopper website, as white noise adjustment strategies.
There are loads!
These are free and easy to use:

Here is a link to the Stockholm University research paper, if you would like more specific details about the research project.

Universal Design for Learning

A is for Autism F is for Friend - Video