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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Online Stopwatch

Hi Everyone,
It is 3:00 in the morning Australian time and stinking hot. I can't sleep so here I am thinking about how I should be asleep. A great opportunity to write about the Online Stopwatch program that I use in my classroom. It could just as easily be used at home to motivate kids to tidy up their room, or finish any kind of task in a set time, where there is access to a computer/laptop.
I embedded mine into my blog, because for the majority of the time during the school day, our class blog is on screen on our interactive white board. I use it to give kids a visual five minute ( or what ever time you want to set it to) warning for pack up or task finishing time. We use it during our 30 minute relaxation session after lunch so that the kids who can't tell the time have a visual aid to help them understand how much time has passed and how much longer until relaxation is finished. I use it in maths sessions when I am teaching kids about time. One favourite is to have the kids turn their backs to the screen and put their hand up when they think a minute is up. The closest to the timer going off is the winner. When we need a quick physical break between activities we count how many jumping jacks we can do or run on the spot for a set time. On really challenging days we see if we can be completely silent for one minute! Kids love playing with it. There are a number of different timers to choose from including an egg timer,a bomb, a clock like a pie chart ( which is the one in the picture) and a regular stopwatch. .Let me know what you think once you have tried it :) Just click here.


  1. This timer has saved my sanity. My son used to waste hours of time trying to do a task that would normally take ony a few minutes. With this timer, not only does he do his work faster, but also way before the alloted time. Love it!

  2. http://ipadstopwatch.com is also a great online stopwatch you can try.

  3. well i am a teacher so exellent


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