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Friday, January 16, 2009

Twiggle Magazine

Hi Everyone,

I have just spent the day searching for information to add to our new class blog. During my surfing I found a link to this great new online magazine called 'Twiggle Magazine' It is a monthly publication; the first edition was published in October 2008. it is geared toward northern hemisphere students but has a lot to offer us southern hemesphere dwellers too! It is packed full of games and information and has loads of great links to really worthwhile sites. I will be checking in each month and encouraging the kids in my class to visit the site regularly. I like the idea of providing the kids with a site that they can look forward to visiting each month, knowing there will be a 'secret' new topic to explore. The current issue has a polar bear focus, with environmental themes woven through it. Well worth a look!

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