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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pelican Talk - Speech Pathology Site

Hi Everyone,
I have been busily downloading the free autism articles and visuals that are available at the Pelican Talk website.
I have made a communication themed PowerPoint, for Middle Years students, using the turn taking and eye contact visuals that you will find as free downloads in the Autism tab . It really didn't require much effort on my part as the comic strip style visuals speak for themselves!
There are loads of other free, speech and language resources available on the site, hidden behind the other tabs.
This is a terrific site to explore if you are part of a multidisciplinary team, supporting a student with Helping Children with Autism Funding.
Check out the site for yourself by clicking on the pictures above.

Helping Children with Autism from Lia at Autism Victoria on Vimeo.


  1. Great to see Lia's work.

    Vimeo is really on the cutting edge.

    (I was wondering if you [Sue] or the school had an account on the service?)

  2. I have loaded up my very first attempt at a video ( Visual supports for students with autism spectrum disorders) onto Vimeo.I wasn't sure which site to use as so many are blocked in schools so I tried a few. It is on Youtube and TeacherTube too.
    Moving making is a new experince for me. I am not a ICT guru (in spite of how it looks)so it may take a while before I have few videos to look at. Thanks for taking the time to comment.
    Sue : - )

  3. What great resources. While my daughter does not have autism, she has a speech delay and is working on her social skills like making eye contact, communicating her needs, etc. at preschool. I have looked for various teacher school supplies to help me do activities with her at home. Your site links to many wonderful ideas. Thanks!

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