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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Aven's Corner - Games for Children with Autism

Hi Everyone,
I have just spent a good hour and a half exploring the Aven's Corner website.
The site was created by the parent of a child with an autism spectrum disorder. In his own words:

'All of the free kids games at Aven’s Corner are developed with young children with autism in mind, but they appeal to all children because of their simplicity. We have also included fun online kids activities for parents and teachers to do with their children. We hope that our site is beneficial to your child and you have a great time at Aven's Corner!'

I love this simple tooth brushing game .
Oh, I wish I was on class this week.
I will just have to find some children to play with !
Click on the picture or the hyperlinks to explore for yourself.


  1. Hello Sue, here's another nice website with free coloring pages: http://busyteacher.org/teaching_ideas_and_techniques/coloring-pages/

  2. Hi Andrew,
    What a great find.
    Thanks so much for passing it on.
    I have linked it under my 'mixed sites' section.
    I just had a good look at their classroom posters section and found some great resources that I can put to use straight away.

    Sue :- )

  3. I used to teach children diagnosed with Autism for over 12 years. This is a wonderful site for children.

  4. Great site! I have spent many hours looking for teacher school supplies and activities that are appropriate for ALL of my learners. Simple, meaningful activities are hard to come by.


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