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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Just for Julie in Townsville - My favourite Video Links

Hi Everyone,
I have been a bit neglectful of my blog of late because I have been developing a set of regional Nings, to support professionals working with students on the autism spectrum, in the Hume Region in Victoria.
I have had a special request, from Julie Wallace, to duplicate my video links to my blog so that parents and paraprofessionals can access them too.
So, check out the ever increasing list of video links that will appear in the right margin of the blog below my autism links section.
Thanks for getting in touch Julie :-)


  1. Thankyou Sue for doing that. You gave me a good laugh when I opened this up! Julie

  2. No worries Julie,
    I have about 30 videos to add but i am short on time . I will just keep adding them on as time permits.
    I hope that you find the resources useful.


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