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Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Hidden Curriculum

Hi again,

My last post got me thinking about the book ' The Hidden Curriculum - Practical Solutions for Understanding Unstated Rules in Social Situations'. This is one of my favourite books to show teachers when I visit schools because it demonstrates so beautifully how explicit we need to be in teaching social skills to students on the autism spectrum. If you decide to visit the Book Depository website, buy this book too !

Just for the record, the Book Depository do not pay me or give me free books to advertise their website . I was recently introduced to a teacher in a new school. His response was ' I know who you are ! You are that teacher who writes her every waking thought on the internet !'
We both laughed.
My theory is that if you are on to good thing you should share it !


  1. Hi Sue,
    What a wonderful,informative site you have. I'll definitely point my collegues in your direction. Thanks for following my class blog!


  2. Sue, this is my theory too. I find that if I write about what happens and when I read what others write about their daily professional life with kids, I enjoy my job so much more. It is very interesting work we do but there are tricks to staying passionately interested year after year and writing a blog and sharing your thoughts with others is a great strategy. I have helped several children (with their parents) start blogs (private to just invited friends). One became very upset when he had a flat tire but he calmed himself down, his mom said by saying, "we can write a blog about this, can't we mom.?" That is what I do. I calm myself down and enjoy the whole journey by turning into a blog post.


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