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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rubber Face- SEN Teacher Free Download

Hi again,
The theme for today is definitely emotions!
I was just having a quick look around the SEN Teacher site and found this great emotional facial recognition program called 'Rubber Face' which can be downloaded free from the site. This program would be terrific for students in Early Years and Primary classes as well as students in Special Education settings.
The students can use the 'emotions buttons' to create a facial expression or press them to indicate which expression the face is demonstrating. After practicing the skills they can take the emotional recognition quiz which has lovely, loud auditory feedback for right and wrong answers with the opportunity to correct mistakes built into the quiz to ensure success.
The SEN Teacher site has loads of excellent down loadable resources for students with special and additional needs. Take some time to have a good look around.


  1. Well I shall have to have a go in that case. Although I have a very good book [several actually] anything on the computer always gains more attention and brownie points.

  2. Hi Maddy,
    I have the same problem. I have managed to read one novel since the school holidays started but I have a pile of about six that I was desperate to read during school term. Now they are stacked beautifully, gathering dust because I keep finding things to look at on the web.


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