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Monday, January 11, 2010

Food Pyramid for Kids

Hi Everyone,
By far the most frequently visited post on my blog has been one about Food Pyramid games and activities for kids. I have just had to delete that post because the link is broken. This lead me to a search of my own.
In the US the USDA ( United States Department of Agriculture) has produced some great online information and activities.
In Australia, although we do have a food pyramid to refer to, as a way to categorise foods, the focus is much more holistic . We concentrate on making changes and balances overall, to increase fitness, eat well and have a healthy life style. We talk a lot to children about 'everyday' and sometimes foods' and the importance of exercise in a balanced and healthy life style. Programs such as 'Go for Your Life, ' a Victorian initiative, have made a great deal of impact on school and local communities.
Click on the pictures to find links to all of these resources.


  1. I know, I hated that it was gone, I really liked the visual of the old pyramid better, blocks on top of one another to help remember the size. Oh well, I guess changes must come! Thanks for sharing these!

  2. Hi Lori,
    Glad I could return the favour. Dropping in to see you now :)

  3. We do have a large poster of the food pyramid plastered to the cupboard in the dining room [we're nothing if not visual around here - although it's a little off putting for guest diners] but interactive is probably a much more useful tool my my guys - that said, they'd definitely prefer omnivore and carnivore versions.


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