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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Power of PowerPoint !

Hi Everyone,
I don't usually post work that has been completed in my classroom on this blog but I've made an exception today. Eleanor had been desperate to own a pet for a number of years. Eleanor created this PowerPoint to convince her parents that she was responsible enough to take care of a pet. Guess who got a puppy for Christmas !

PowerPoint can be powerful motivator to get kids creating texts and a creative outlet for some students on the autism spectrum, to explore and share their 'special area of interest'. So many important ICT skills can be taught while kids are creating a PowerPoint and they are fabulous teaching tools, both as a process and product, especially when they are projected onto an interactive white board or shared online with family and friends through Slide Share.

I have spent the last few days adding links to the interactive white board area in the right margin. I have also added some links to some great PowerPoint resources, that you might like to use to inspire some little people in your world or to create something wonderful for them to share with you.

If you would like to see what else went on in my classroom last year, click on the rocket in the right margin.


  1. Hi Sue,
    We just got an interactive white board and while I have not started to learn how to use it (it is not even hooked up yet)I am excited to start using it. I had not thought about using Power Point but at least I know how to use that program already.

    By the way, as wild and overwhelming as the every changing landscape of technology is, isn't it wonderful that you can make friends this way clear across the world!

  2. Hi Tahirih,

    Thanks for dropping by :)

    Have fun with your white board.There are so many amazing things you can use the board for. I would be lost without one in a classroom now.

    I'm giving a talk about using interactive whiteboards at the end of this month. So many teachers have them in their classrooms but they are not using them because they don't know how to use the software.

    My focus will be to get them started by using skills that they already have, while they take their time to learn about the IWB software.
    There are so many great sites that you can go to on the internet which have IWB programs that you use online !
    Sorry I get a bit passionate about this. My theroy is if you are not an expert be resourceful.
    Let me know how you are getting along :)

    For anyone else reading this , Tihiriah has a fantastic speech and language pathology site called 'Autism Games' filled with information and activities for working with students on the autism spectrum. You will find a link in the 'Autism' and 'language' areas in my links margin on the right. Click on her name on the comment above and she will take you there :)


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