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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Elephant Song - Eric Herman

Hi again,

I spent the whole day today singing this song in my head. I shared it with numerous people at work. I am banned from humming or singing it at home !

Eric Herman has his own Youtube music channel with loads of great songs on it.

This is my favourite . I love it !

We will definitely be learning to sing and sign this song in our Junior Unit this term.

It's silly but quite contagious so be careful or you will be singing, humming or whistling it all day too :)


  1. Sue
    We have had this on Mac's computer and whiteboard for a few years now. Thanks for the reminder to move it to his itunes on the laptop for school.

  2. Hi Gina,
    I am still singing this song in my head all day. I think I am driving everyone in my household crazy with it. I keep breaking out into song and I don't realise that I am actually singing out loud. It's a distinct worry.

  3. Hi

    I LOVE this song! I am a children's adaptive yoga teacher in the US and I will so use this in my classes! Its perfect. Thanks so much for posting. :)


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