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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Connecting, sharing and being what tomorrow needs

Hi Everyone,
I would like to introduce you to a few of the latest members of my professional learning network (PLN).

First, go over to the 'Eliminating the Box' blog and find out what Monica has to say on the topics of special education and inclusion. I have been sharing resources from her blog, with other members of my network, all week. Watch the Aimee Mullins - Ted Talk on the Opportunity of Adversity. Also check out the Youtube series called ' Children full of life'. Click on the comment section and discover why I watched it with a box of tissues near by. Perhaps you could leave a comment yourself while you are there, to encourage this amazing blogger to keep writing.

I have also been watching loads of podcasts from the K12 Online Conference 2010, via the iTunes U store. I'm all fired up to ensure that my teaching is providing my students with the tools that they will need to be successful communicators and consumers of information and resources, in the technology driven world they will inherit.
I particularly enjoyed the key note presentation by Dean Shareski, which encourages all teachers to share ideas and practices with others, using Web 2.0 technology.

To expand your PLN, join the K12 Online conference Ning.

I would also like to thank Jennifer, an Australian early years educator, for encouraging me to take a leap into the world of Twitter, which is a minor miracle, because I swore I would never do it!

However, if I really believe teaching is all about being what tomorrow needs, I could hardly refuse Jennifer's generous mentoring.

Click on the twitter button above, to keep me company on my Twitter journey : - )

You will find a link to Jennifer's professional learning network there, because at this stage, she is my first and only follower. Thanks, Jen.

Lastly, on sharing, if anyone can tell me how to attach a hyperlink to a photo in blogger using a Mac, I will be most grateful. I have clicked, fiddled and Googled but still haven't been able to figure it out !


  1. Thank you for linking to my blog. I'm stumbling through trying to find my way in the world and I look forward to gaining clarity through sharing with others :)

  2. Wish I could 'Stumble' as gracefully as you do, Monica!

  3. Another great post Sue! I'm so glad to be part of your expanding PLN - you have shared so much via your blogs and I'm sure as you venture into the world of twitter you will share more (and learn so much along the way!). I have found that am I learning and connecting with other educators in a way that I never thought possible and am constantly surprised by the generousity of these individuals. Although I have never met any of them, there are friendships developing which is the last thing I expected! I hope your experience is as positive as mine has been and that `the leap' turns out to be a great big one in the right direction!


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