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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Inclusion is a Whole School Approach - Which character do you identify with?

This video is not about inclusion.

It is about people and their response to change.

A school staff is made up of all of the characters in this short video.

I would like to think, that most of the time, I am the person who serves as a bridge that supports others in their journey across the divide between past and future.

Some days though, I'm not. Some days I am the pessimistic, frustrated one or part of the crowd following an inspirational leader in the field.

It's okay to change roles, as long as I don't get caught up with the defeatist crowd.

Have a look for yourself and decide which character best illustrates your stage of the journey at the moment.

Thanks very much to Damien Keel, for introducing me to the video.


  1. I enjoyed that! Would have to say that I am feeling quite the pessimist right now :( After enjoying almost 2 years of blissful enthusiasm and support from an amazing intergration co ordinator, we now have a new co ordinator and I am pretty much witnessing our program fall apart.

  2. Very good.

  3. Hi Anonymous Pessimist.
    Hang in there. I have discovered that when the one with vision leaves, that sometimes the first follower in the 'Power Community' becomes the new person to act as the bridge. Maybe that is you? Notice in the video that the role requires being stepped on by everyone at some stage and that the pessimists and the pragmatists take their sweet time in moving but they do end up moving eventually.
    Have been 'stepped on' a lot lately so can strongly relate to how you are feeling.

  4. Thank you Sue ! That has really made me think this morning :) Perhaps you are right, maybe I am the bridge. I can handle that haha Don't worry I won't be giving up. Your thoughts have actually given me a renewed enthusiam. Gotta keep fighting for our kids hey :)


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