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Monday, September 27, 2010

Arts Alive Virtual Dance Studio and the Help Kids Learn Train Tracker Game

Hi Everyone,
What do the Arts Alive Virtual Dance Studio and The Help Kids Learn Train Tracker game have in common? For me, it's that they are two online programs that I use regularly, with kids needing some quiet time to self regulate, when the classroom environment becomes too overwhelming. A five minute stint on one of these programs can mean the difference between a 'meltdown' and being able to successfully re-engage in classroom activities, for some of my students.
I use lots of interactive software programs in my work with children on the autism spectrum. These two, are my most often requested recreational or calming activities for mainstream primary students. The key seems to be that they provide children with the opportunity to make simple choices, which helps them gain a sense of control over their environment again.
Both are great fun to play and I must warn you that they are highly addictive. You may want to set yourself a time limit before trying them out. A timer is a definite must when using them with kids in the classroom.

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