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Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Nuts & Bolts of the Blog

Edublogs is a blogging application for educators. It is the application most favoured by the Education Department because of cyber -safety issues. I have tried on a number of occasions to create a blog using the Edublogs site but find the site difficult to navigate my way around and the online tutorials confusing because of my lack of technical knowledge once I get past the set up stage. However, I'm sure that if I sat alongside a very patient 'flesh and blood' ICT coach who was prepared to work at my pace I would be able to master the Edublogs application.

Blogger is much more user friendly for technically challenged people like myself and I like the blog templates, which allow you to create a site that appeals to visual learners. Many schools use the Blogger application to produce fantastic sites .

My Blog is really 8 blogs which have been designed with a specific propose and audience in mind that have been linked to form a blogging network.

Teacher Space
All of the blogs follow a similar organisational pattern .
So let's take a tour !

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