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Sunday, August 2, 2009

21st Century e Learning Conference (online)

Today this blog will be hosting a session at the 21st Century elearning Conference. The posts that follow serve as my notes for the presentation.
About Me
My name is Sue King and I am a primary trained Generation X teacher working at Belvoir Special School in Wodonga .
I am passionate about helping students with learning challenges to engage in learning in both Special Education and Mainstream settings and to help them to achieve outcomes that will lead to enviable lives.
I am also a self confessed 'technophobe'.
ICT skills have never come easily to me.
I used to be able to do my banking, pay my bills, turn on my TV, listen to music using a range of devices, answer a phone and take a photo all by myself. These days I require the technical assistance of my husband or teenage sons to guide me through the process and a written step by step procedure with diagrams to follow if they are not around!
If I can blog anyone can and I hope that after this session you will consider giving it a go or at least use the sites of others who do blog, to gain access to valuable resources and broaden your personal and professional learning networks.


  1. Hi Sue

    What a fantastic set of blogs - I can't wait to read through them - hoepfully I'll also get some good strategies to help support my lovely Hannah on her journey through the mainstream.

  2. Hi Sue, well you had me fooled!!! Your blogging is exceptional!! I have told so many people about your site, and my son Andys school days have improved so much since our school staff got on did some reading on here :) Could I do anything to inspire you to come and work in Geelong ?!?!? We could do with you at my sons high school. I just realised who you are! I am also a member at DSDU (Buggsie)

  3. Thanks Narelle,
    You've done my heart good this morning. Thanks for the encouragement, it means a lot to me. I love the Geelong area. I used to holiday at Anglesea every year when our kids were little. It is one of those places that has reularly comes up on the 'when we retire' list of places to live. Had a look at your blog to see what you were up to. I have a son in Yr 11 this year. I'm not looking forward to being the mum of a Year 12 student.

  4. Sue, we have a quite a few friends in Anglesea, it is a great part of the world :) EEEEk Year 12 is the pits LOL Perpare yourself. I should add that our high school is doing a great job, they are very enthusiastic and accomodating of Andy, they just lack a bit of knowledge, which is understandable, as he is basically the lowest functioning child they have had attend the school. But he is a social butterfly and puts a smile on their faces on a daily basis.


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