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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Inclusive Practice in Mainstream Schools

Hi Everyone,
I am building up quite a collection of quality online resources, to support mainstream teachers develop inclusive practices. You will find them in the blue, professional readings section in right margin of the blog.
In my role as an Autism Teaching and learning Coach, I find myself working with teachers at all stages of the 'inclusive education' journey. Some teachers come on board quickly, while others require a lot more encouragement. Many are coping well, while others find it an emotional and physically exhausting journey - the inspiration for yesterday's post.
Thankfully now that we are in Term 3, all of the teachers agree that the effort to modify curriculum and teaching practices is worth it.
This morning I was sorting through some photographs, taken while visiting schools, and this one caught my eye. Neither of the children in this picture have an autism spectrum disorder or any kind of learning disability. Their teacher uses BoardMaker, to support the learning of all of the children in her class, as an inclusive strategy.
In this picture, the BoardMaker cards are acting as role cards. One child is listening and the other is reading, according to the visual prompt they have in front of them. When they have finished they will swap roles.
There is a student with autism in the classroom . He is able to independently read with his typically developing classmates every day because he understands the process. It is the same for everyone.
Love your work, Jenny ; - )

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