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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Belvoir Special School Art

Hi Everyone,
This year I am back at Belvoir Special School, after a 2 year stint at the Hume Regional Office. I'm so happy to be back, working directly with students. I hope that it will mean that I will have the opportunity to keep this blog updated, on a more regular basis.
I have been teaching art, to a sensational group of Middle Years students, over the past two weeks and would love to hear from other special educators who are doing the same.
Art is meant to be shared, so please visit our art blog to look at the the projects we have been working on.
You can visit us by following this link.


  1. Sue,
    I live nearby and own a house within the Hume shire (Sunbury). We are running an artist network that has many art educational resources that may assist your endeavours. You will find the material at This is Art under Education and Create Art.

    Rob Mackay
    Curator of This is Art

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