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Monday, May 30, 2011

Is it Autism - or is it DAMP ?

Hi Everyone,
DAMP ( Deficitis in Attention, Motor control and Perceptual abilities ) is another condition which is often mistaken for autism by teachers, when referring students for further assessments.
There is very little information on the web about DAMP but the Sydney Children's Hospital - Westmead site, has a great page with a pdf to print out and share with teachers, parents and carers.


  1. Hello thanks for sharing about DAMP at first i thought it was the same like autism. Although i attended seminar about autism i didnt pay attention to damp thing. I admit the sometimes i mistakenly refer some students as autism type. So damp is another thing and there is a difference between the two of them.

  2. That sounds like half my OT caseload

  3. I can say my daughter was diagnosed with this recently and I had not heard about it until our peadiatrian talked to us about it. There needs to be more information avaliable for the school sector if possible


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