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Monday, March 29, 2010

Hume Region Special Schools' Curriculum - Free Download

Hi Everyone,
The curriculum used in special education settings in the Hume Region, Victoria Australia, is now available to download free from this website. This curriculum is designed for students with an intellectual disability with or without co-morbid physical , communication or social disabilites.
My colleagues, Jill Poole and Jan Hutchings (I'm very proud of them) have been working on this project with other talented teachers, allied medical and regional staff from the Hume Region for 3 years. We have been trialing and modifying the curriculum in our schools for almost all of that time period.
The curriculum caters for the learning needs of our most profoundly challenged students through to those who are successfully included in mainstream settings but require accommodations and modifications in their individual learning plans.
The best thing about the curriculum is that it allows teachers to identify student strengths and plan learning experiences with those strengths in mind, rather than working from a deficit based medical model.
Take a look for yourself.
Click on the picture to start downloading :)


  1. Congratulations on a fantastic document! I have always wanted a benchmark for my son. Now I have one :) I have spent the last 2 hours reading through it ha! So much useful information there.

  2. Hi Narelle,
    I will pass on your comment to Jill and Jan. Check back into the site regularly as they will be making changes to the document to keep up with the latest best practices in special education. I know that there are are plans to include some units of work in the future too :)

  3. Free is always going to be good! I was just asked to review a software program with a hefty monthly charge.

  4. Hi Susan

    This M. Naiker, Principal of Nadi Centre for Special Education, where Belinda recently visited and introduced us to the Humes Special Schools Curricullum, we really interested to give a try at our school though far from Humes Region,

    Please let me know how its possible and what sort of assistance can we get

    M, Naiker

  5. Hi,
    Belinda and I would love to help however we can!
    Belinda will be in contact by phone.
    Sue ; - D


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