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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sensory Processing Disorder

Hi Everyone,

I am on study leave at the moment writing an essay for my ASD course. The topic is on Sensory Modulation Disorder. This is a huge issue in my classroom for my students with and without Autism Spectrum Disorder. Students with Sensory Processing Disorders are often incorrectly diagnosed with ADHD and given inappropriate drug interventions for a problem better worked through with an occupational therapist.

Lucy Jane Miller Ph. D. has produced a great body of literature and research on the topic. The first photo link will take you to a 1/2 hour podcast where Lucy explains in very simple terms . Click on the red arrow to download the podcast( it took about 3 minutes to download on my system ).
The second photo link will take you to a video news report about sensory processing disorders. Following this hyperlink will take you to an interesting article I am using for my research into the topic.

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  1. It's so amazing meds are the first choice of some doctors. Our "former" pediatrician would only do medication treatment. When I asked what we should do if the meds were not effective, he said we would continue to up the medication until it worked.

    After switching doctors, our daughter now is on a 501 plan at school with a diagnosis of Sensory Processing Disorder. She's doing fantastic with the occupational theapy and additional cues during the class.

    I don't know if she's ADHD or has Sensory Processing Disorder but she's doing great without drugs.


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