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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Conflict Resolution and Child Like Excitement

Hi Everyone,
I have been having a great time over the past few days learning how to use our new 'Smart Board'. The children have been tapping all over the blog finding out which sites are good to use on the board. I love that you can just tap on a resource so quickly to meet a need of the kids. Today we had to work through some 'conflict resolution issues' and it was wonderful to be able to click on the Urbanext Conflict Resolution' site and run with the lesson at the point of need. it is a great site with a very simple approach to conflict resolution, which can be found in the 'Student/ Teacher Well being links' on this page. or just follow this link:
http://www.urbanext.uiuc.edu/conflict/intromovie.html I was also very excited to see that we have had our first international visitor to our blog. Hi readers in Nottingham UK!

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